From the AmeriFirst Home Mortgage company newsletter (Nov-Dec, 2010)


1. Approach everything with a student mentality.

Life’s about learning, not about knowing.

2. Take time to learn and reflect from the past.

 Ask the right questions like, “What did I do right?” and “What would I do differently next time?” Reflection clears the mind and you make sense of the past and gives you direction going into the future.

3. Everything you do, do with confidence.

Speak with confidence, walk with confidence. Handle all situations in a calm, confident manner. If you’re not confident, just fake it until you make it.

4. Always improve to the percentage that the task requires.

The task takes 30% more skill than you have, step it up 30%.

5. Working smart is the way to go but if you’re going for the gold you will have to kick it into high gear more often than not and put in the extra hours–hard work still rules, provided it’s at the right task.

6. Step it up a notch.

 Step up your game. Don’t just hang out, have a party. Don’t just build a business, build an empire. Don’t just watch TV, watch box office hits. “If your going to do something stupid at least do it right”.

7. Save and invest your money—10-20% at least.

8. When you get a good relationship, whether business partner/client or personal, don’t take it for granted and don’t try to over impress or get needy.

 People are attracted to you or your business because of who you were when they first met you. You might have made a really good impression, but kicked it afterwards somewhere along the line for various reasons. Put simply, keep your relationships. Don’t get needy, take them for granted, give less and less, devalue or become stagnant.

9. Know what you want.

At the end of the day, no matter how many goals you have there are always those few that would do it for you, even if the rest never materialized. Focus on the few that will change everything. 10. Don’t expect too many things out of ONE year!


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