“All You Want to do is Ride Around Sally!”

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Wilson Pickett released his R & B chart-topping hit “Mustang Sally” in 1966 which includes a very catchy chorus where the Alabama born singer and songwriter sings:

“All you want to do is ride around Sally, ride, Sally, ride.
All you want to do is ride around Sally, ride, Sally, ride.
All you want to do is ride around Sally, ride, Sally, ride.”

When it comes to home buying, many buyers will spend the first several days simply “riding around” looking at houses and neighborhoods to determine where they might want to live or what houses are selling for in different areas of town.  This is not a bad strategy especially if a buyer is not familiar with the possible inventory available to be purchased.  However, this plan can lead to a very frustrating home buying process if Real Estate agents and sellers are contacted BEFORE the buyer knows their home financing options and requirements.

As fun as it can be to see floor plans, master-suites, kitchen layouts and back yards, this information can tempt a prospective buyer to begin to forge ahead with unkeepable promises and a unreasonable timetables for a closing date with no regard for what might be required from a home lender who is loaning them the money to buy this dream home.  Income and down payment requirements,  employment and credit history, and loan program guidelines may all impact the timeline for if and when any buyer may be in a position to buy any house they may find.

Although many home buyers feel that contacting a Realtor or stopping by to talk to a seller is the first step in determining if buying a house is possible, in reality, the first step for most home buyers is to consult with a full-service home lender who can do a thorough evaluation of the buyer and match them with possible home loan programs to make this a stress-free home buying process with no last minute surprises.

Step 1 in buying a house is to get a pre-approval from a Nationally Certified, State Licensed home loan professional.  As Wilson “The Wicked” Pickett sings:

“Slow your mustang down…[and] …put your flat feet on the ground.”

Who do you know who is spending all of their time “riding around” rather than actually talking to a Dream-Maker and Problem Solver who can help them know when and where they should be “riding around”?  Contact me.  I can help.



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