Change for the Better!

November 3, 2016

Brian Short and AW Pickel – A couple of guys who are good at this business, people like them and they’ve got honest faces!

Twenty years ago a former college buddy of mine invited me to join him in the mortgage industry by telling me, “Brian, you’d be good at this business!  People seem to like you, you’ve got an honest face and you’d still be serving people by helping them buy, fix-up and refinance their houses!”  A year later I called him up and agreed to come to work with him by opening up a new office for his company in Franklin and thus, I began my new career as a Mortgage Professional.


I worked for his company for several years before eventually starting my own mortgage company and then managing branch offices and divisions for a few other companies and a local bank before I circled back around to, once again, open up a new branch office for my college friend, AW Pickel, in Franklin two years ago.


amcap-logoNow we are teaming up together again to start up a new division for AmCap Mortgage, Ltd, a 15-year-old mortgage lender based in Houston, TX to initially start new branches in Tennessee, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.  Our group will continue to keep the focus on offering amazing customer service to our borrowers while offering a wide array of home loan programs to help the most people possible.  Our industry continues to experience unbelievable changes and it takes a very nimble approach to mortgage lending to keep up with and adapt to those changes.  We believe that our association with AmCap Mortgage, Ltd will give us that platform to bring amazing changes to our customers, employees and industry for the better!


Gleaning the best from my past associations to bring with me to our new venture is the best way to describe our passion for smart growth – personally and professionally.  However, much hasn’t changed.  I’m still working very closely with those who first introduced me to the mortgage industry twenty years ago and I’m still in the business of being that “Dream Maker and Problem Solver” that any prospective home buyer or current home owner needs in their corner when evaluating their home loan financing options.


I’m also looking for hardworking, people-oriented problem solvers to join our team in Tennessee and in other states if you know of those who “would be good at this business, have an honest face, and desire to help those people who like them!”  I really appreciate it when you DON’T KEEP ME A SECRET!  Your confidence and trust in me is what keeps my steady stream of loans closing.  Can I count on you to give my name to the next friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member who would benefit from my home loan expertise and hands-on customer care?